Friday, November 28, 2014

The Barbershops Of India...

One of the world's oldest professions is carried out wherever in India. Whether it's on a couple of stones on the road, on a pavement, under a tree, in a hole in a wall, on the beach, a carpark or on the back of a truck, the innovative Indians without the interference of the west's beauracrats simply set up shop anywhere and everywhere there's a beard to trim, a solitary hair to cut, a close shave to be had
or a rupee to be earned.
Such colour, such a way of life.
Necessity dictates. Simplicity rules...

Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Ufogel Has Landed...

It's as if an alien but contemporary object of some sort has landed in a field in the East Tyrolian village of Nussdorf, a popular skiing area in Austria.
It sits on its stilts or legs and because it looks remotely, very remotely, like a UFO or even some sort of bird, albeit a very strange bird,
it's called Ufogel.
Fogel means bird in German.
The strange angular object was designed to connect with nature.
I wonder, did the designers realise there are no straight lines in nature?
Anyway, so the story goes it is designed to embrace and cradle its guests in a warm and safe haven, a cosy nest covered with traditional wooden shingles, and one that offers security and openess.
If you're planning a skiing holiday in the region and looking for accommodation with a difference, you may or may not wish to check it out...

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Motoped Survival Bike. How Can You Live Without One...

I'm not into toys but I'd like one of these!
I can imagine it hooked onto the front or the back of The Flying Tortoise.
The Motoped Survival is a 49cc motor-assisted bicycle that gets up to 160 miles to the gallon.
Its racks and tie-on points can carry a lot of gear too whether it's a trip to the supermarket or when the time's right to make your way out
to the wilderness.
And beyond the beaten track.
There's more here at Treehugger.
I just checked my pulse rate and yes
I'm definitely excited...

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Amazing Isn't It, How Man Can Land A Craft On A Speeding Comet But Can't Find A Cure For The Common Cold...

Amazing isn't it, how man can launch a spacecraft, spend ten years chasing a speeding comet for a few billion miles around space and
then land on it but can't find a cure for the common cold...

Monday, November 24, 2014

Imagine Living In Tunisia In A Fifteenth Century Adobe Ghorfa At The Ksar Outed Soltane...

Imagine if you will, living in a fifteenth century adobe Ghorfa which was a purpose built grainary with hundreds of rooms or Shorfas for the nomadic families of the area to store their grain.
This marvelous fortified adobe structure built by the Berbers, the Ksar Outed Soltane is situated about twenty kilometers south of what is now the city of Tataourine in southern Tunisia.
It's now a tourist destination but was used as recently as the 1960's for its original purpose.
On Friday afternoons the courtyard functioned as a meeting place for the local community most of whom spent much of the year in the pastures with their goats, sheep and camels.
Like other North African Berber communities, the granaries were often built on a hilltop to help protect it from raiding parties intent on stealing the villages food supply.
But imagine living there today...