Friday, February 27, 2015

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Olivia Mead. What A Greedy Little Girl You Are...

I know it's none of my business Olivia and you can act like a spoilt little brat if you like but I read about you suing your half sisters for a bigger slice of your late father's cake.
I'm sure your father, Michael Wright, who lived a frugal life style even though he was the son of a legendary Australian mining pioneer, thought the A$3million he left you in his will
was more than adequate.
But no you greedy little minx, you want more. Another seventeen million so you can have a A$2.5m home in Perth, five pairs of A$5,000 shoes a year, a diamond studded guitar, a A$40,000 holiday each year, A$10,000 for handbags, A$400 for weekly restaurant bills, A$300 a week for clothes, A$150 a week for fine wine, an A$1.6m crystal encrusted Kuhn Boesendorfer grand piano, an Audi car, oodles of money for the children you're planning to have and thousands of dollars for your pets including an Axoloti which is a Mexican walking fish,
a Neotonic Salamander.
Her lawyer who if her claim succeeds, stands to make, let's see, anyway, he says she's not a spoilt child and her demands aren't excessive.
But it looks like greed has won. Again...

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Car Makers Are Needing To Design Cars To Cater For The Obese Driver...

It's not a new problem.
It's been around a while but it's getting worse.
And the future prognosis is bad.
The 'Futurologist' at the giant US car manufacturer Ford, says cars of the future are having to be rethought and redesigned to cater for the, for the, for the, fortheobesedriver.   There, I've said it, quickly so hopefully
it didn't offend anyone.
And as they become larger and heavier, their reaction times also become slower which means their driving skills are impaired. Some people who can't reverse without mirrors also can't turn their bodies in their seats or turn their heads
to look behind them.
And evidently a 'fat' driver is more than three times likely to die in an accident
than a healthy driver.
It doesn't all bode well for the future.
And the future is now...

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Beautiful Stone Slave Huts Of Bonaire...

It's highly unlikely the slaves that were accommodated in these stone huts with no headroom would have considered their design to be beautiful. And they probably didn't get too much time to appreciate the beautiful views and the stunning beachfront locations of the dwellings they were forced to crawl in and out of.
There's more about them here.
Now restored to almost their original state when they were built, these huts are a poignant reminder of one of the darkest periods in the Caribbean's history...

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Oooh Look Dear, There's A Car Parked Upside Down, Come Along Children...

Oooh look at that dear, someone's parked their car upside down, that could be dangerous,
come along children.
It's alright madam, it's the latest of Alex Chinneck's mind bending art installations. Alex from Hackney has a habit of creating some unusual pieces of art but this one wasn't an easy concept to accomplish.
All it required was more than a modicum of ingenuity from a team of structural engineers, steel benders, scenic artists, carpenters, metal workers, tarmac layers and road markers and there you have it. A new tomato red Corsa suspended four and a half meters off the ground for Vauxhall Motor's new product launch at London's Southbank.
The installation's on display until February 25 and it's called Pick Yourself Up and Pull Yourself Together. Come on children hurry up.
We don't want to miss it...

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Why Are So Many Modern Motorhomes Such Ugly Examples Of Visual Pollution, Urban Graffiti, Environmental Misfits And Ecological Disasters On Wheels...

Why is it that motorhome manufacturers continue to foist their damned ugly examples of visual pollution, urban graffiti, environmental and ecological disasters on wheels, to the recreational vehicle consumers.
Well, possibly and at the risk of appearing rude to many, because the buyers are not very discerning, the makers don't care and consequently that's all the motorhomer can buy.
If an urban graffiti artist was to attack a static building with these sorts of artworks it would be considered an act of environmental vandalism and the perpetrator would be fined.
But the makers of these mass produced fifth wheelers, buses and vans continue to get away with presenting their ugly artworks to the world.
There is nothing environmentally respectful or friendly about these vehicles.
They don't fit in with the great outdoors they visit. They shout their demands to be noticed.
They're ecological disasters.
They're a blot on the landscape but they don't have to be. They're a designers worst nightmare but they don't have to be.
They're ugly misfits but with a right
to their place in the sun.
And I must show tolerance to the good taste
or otherwise of my fellow travelers...