Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Shawn Heinrichs Beautiful Underwater Images Of Roberta Mancino Swimming With Sailfish And Other Deep Sea Monsters At Mexico's Isla Mujeres...

Photographer Shawn Heinrichs took his camera gear and along with Roberta Mancino went swimming at the Isla Mujeres near the northern tip of Mexico's Yukatan Peninsula recently.
The results of their little sojourn swimming with Sailfish, the fastest fish in the sea, capable of speeds of around 110 kilometers an hour are beautiful and amazing.
Then there were the Whale Sharks and a few Manta Rays who weren't camera shy either...

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Cosmic Collider. Ryan Lovelace's Quirky 1948 Chevy Housebus...

Ryan Lovelace, surfboard maker and surfer from California's Santa Barbara bought this 1948 Chevy bus awhile ago, ripped it apart and built it again adding a penthouse to The Cosmic Collider. An open interior, with everything that's needed including a wood burning stove for simple living. I especially like the gutter that runs around the interior. An ideal place to grow herbs and other living green things...

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ninety Eight Year Old Molly Is Like A Kid With A New Toy...

Hi from Molly. I'm in Warlingham. How is the weather where you are?
Typing those few words in her first ever email on her friend Penny's ipad was another life changing event for ninety eight year old Molly.
She's seen many changes in her long life and now she's discovered the internet for herself.
Molly, this post is especially for you. It comes with love from the other side of the world. Thankyou for your delightful email.
The weather here is windy and wet at the moment and the sea is wild and wonderful.
Molly is like a kid with a new toy says Penny. She can't believe how much fun it is and now wants a device of her own.
This lovely lady who takes no medications whatsoever has some thoughts on longevity. Don't eat too much, eat raw food every day and don't bath too much.
Baths wash your vitality away.
A good tip for clean living. Thankyou Molly...

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Facekini. A Fashion Statement That's Having It's Day In The Sun...

Women, mostly middle aged, in China's eastern city of Qinddao have been wearing these things for years to save their skin from the sun's powerful UV rays.
And now the Facekini is threatening to become a fashionable must-have in the West.
New York's CR Fashion Book have taken the ugly appendage and turned it into a fashion statement for models who want as little sun as possible. On their faces.
Or want to rob a bank perhaps...

Friday, August 29, 2014

Dear God Of Small Miracles...

Please let there be enough.
I promise, if there's enough there I'll be very good and won't waste it on trivial pursuits.
Or should I be talking to the God of Big Miracles.
Yes I know there was a time when a fool and her money were soon parted but now it seems to happen to everybody. I'm aware there's no great shame in being poor but I have to tell you,
it's very inconvenient.
And while I know that money can't buy me happiness I'm sure it can make poverty
much more pleasant...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

They Have Escaped The World. They Each Live In Their Own World. In Nature's World...

They have escaped the world.
They have escaped to live in their own worlds.
They have escaped in order to find sanctuary in the world of Nature.
And who can blame them.
Danila Tkachenko uses documentary photography as his genre.
His 'Escape' project focuses on the individual and society. And his subjects do not live in conventional society. They have escaped.
Perhaps to be trapped in another.
Danila researches the experiences of hermits, recluses who live sometimes for decades alone with nature. These folk live or exist in some people's eyes, in makeshift dwellings, mostly in the forests of Russia and the Ukraine.
Does the individual freed from the social environment become closer to their true self Danila asks. What happens to a person's personality when their 'social mask' is gone?
The answers are not offered. And do not matter.
Many will not envy their lack of creature comforts but they might well envy their simple, peaceful and resourceful way of life.