Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gary Harrington, Aged 64 And Resident Of Eagle Point Oregon, Is Serving 30 Days In Jail For Collecting Rainwater On His 170 Acre Property...

You don't need me to tell you that the world is mad but I will. Once again.
Gary Harrington, aged sixty four, Oregon's most notorious criminal and a resident of Eagle Point is currently serving, I can't believe this, currently serving thirty days in Jackson County jail for collecting rainwater on his own property.
Quite a lot of rainwater as you'll see here but it rains a lot in Eagle Point and Gary
doesn't want to waste it.
And just to sweeten the deal,
he's also been handed a $1,500 fine.
All this in The Land Of The Free where they have the world's biggest prison population.
In some states in the US it's illegal to have solar panels on the roof of your home. In others it's illegal to have a clothes line on your property to dry your laundry. In others you can go to jail, and people have, for having a vegetable garden in their front yards. Or their back yards.
The world is just getting way too stupid...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Breaking News. A Child Fell Out Of A Tree And Broke It's Leg. Trees Are Dangerous Said The Bureaucrats At Regina Beach. We Must Cut The Trees Down...

Is it me or does this story prove that the world really has gone stark raving mad.
A child fell out of a tree and broke their leg at Regina Beach in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.
Hardly a big deal. The child and its parents will cope with the minor accident without counselling or psychiatric help. The child will probably grow up and have kids of its own who will climb trees.
If there's any trees left.
There are children in the Middle East and other war zones having their heads and limbs blown off by mortar shells. But that's another matter.
The trees are dangerous. We must protect our children said the Sasketchewan Ministry of Parks, obviously more nervous of being sued than the happiness of the Regina Beach Residents.
We've done a risk assessment and this tree in particular is a safety hazard said the bureaucrats.
As you might well imagine, this ridiculous situation went down like a ton of bricks with the locals and they gathered in numbers and prepared to stand by their beloved trees around the clock to prevent them being cut down.
The Parks people are re-assessing
the situation...

Monday, August 25, 2014

Saturday 23 August 2014. Brando Wildboy Yelavich Becomes The First Person To Walk The Entire New Zealand Coastline...

I'm back! he called with a huge grin on his face a few meters from the end and the crowd of family, friends and supporters cheered him on.
He'd left there exactly six hundred days earlier.
Brando had climbed his Everest and strode into the history books and the country's folklore becoming, on Saturday August 23 at 3.45pm, the first person to ever walk the entire coastline of New Zealand.
He had walked the talk.
He had dreamed it and he had done it.
And as we watched, instead of coming up the hill, he raced down the steep sandy slope, took off his pack and clothes and ran into the embrace of The Tasman Sea that had looked after him and fed him on his way south all those days ago. Then, to our cheering, he made his way up the final slope towards us.
My young friend had invited me to spend his last night before the final few kilometers with him at Tapotupotu Bay, just to the east of Cape Reinga. There was no way The Flying Tortoise wasn't going to be there.
A film crew were there too, making a doco about Wildboy for the New Zealand ADHD Association on how he'd quieted his demons and resolved the issues surrounding ADHD and his Dyslexia. They pall into insignificance now.
Throughout his journey his words and deeds inspired many thousands of young and not so young children with similar issues.
And those without any.
I arrived at Cape Reinga at the northern tip of Aotearoa New Zealand, The Land Of The Long White Cloud. My country. And couldn't stop the tears from flowing.
I knew it was a spiritual place but I wasn't ready for the strength of emotions and the profound affect actually being there would evoke in me.
If I didn't know better I would swear I had Maori ancestry. And I would be proud to.
The Cape is a place where The Tasman Sea
and The Pacific Ocean meet, their respective currents doing battle and causing much turmoil for seafarers.
Many were the reasons for tears of joy to flow on Saturday and flow they did. It was an emotional homecoming for the boy who left there all those days and experiences ago. While the crowd of well wishers watched, they realised the wayward boy had become a wonderful, confident, personable and articulate young man.
His parents Todd and Donella, his sister Brooke, his Grandparents, his Uncles and Aunts his girlfriend Ngaio, all of us there and those who couldn't be, have cause to be immensely
proud of Brando.
There were people there, and many too who weren't, who've been proud to met Brando on his walk and think about him as being the son they'd have liked to have had, but never did.
I am one of them...

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Be Kinder...

We never know what the person in front of us
at the checkout or sitting next to us on the bus or train is having to deal with.
We can be kinder...

Saturday, August 23, 2014

China's Very Own Venice. Zhouzhaung, A Most Delightful And Ancient Water Town...

Zhouzhaung is an ancient and most delightful water town that dates back to the Yuan Dynasty between 1271 and 1368.
Situated between Lake Tai and Shanghai about fifty kilometers southeast of Suzhou on the southern shores of Lake Baixian, Zhouzhaung is perhaps the most famous water town in China.
Most of the thousand households, many of them two storied whitewashed homes with black tiled roofs were built in the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties and remain in excellent condition.
The small town is without any motorised transport and can easily be seen in a day using either a gondola or a rickshaw or simply by walking. I think I'd like to stay longer.
It's known as the Venice of the East...

Friday, August 22, 2014

Alfred Eisenstaedt's Famous Photograph Of The Times Square Kiss That Celebrated The End Of World War Two...

This image by Alfred Eisenstaedt of the sailor kissing the nurse in New York's Time Square is probably the most famous kiss photo ever taken.
Said to star US Navy sailor Glenn McDiffie and Nurse Edith Shain, photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt just happened to be in the right place at the right time and managed to shoot four frames of the two kissing as they, with many thousands of others, euphorically celebrated
the end of the second world war
sixty nine years ago.
He's seen here signing the photo many years later at his holiday home at Martha's Vineyard.
Seizing the moment just recently, ninety year old Sydnor Thompson, with the ardor of a much younger self, kisses his wife Harriette
to re-enact the famous photo. 
Comedian Chico Marx, commenting on Alfred's iconic image said the sailor wasn't kissing the nurse, he was whispering in her mouth...